Sage Mountain (Rain Forest)

We hope you will enjoy these pictures of Sage Mountain, enjoy the walk......

At 1,716ft Sage Mountain is the highest point in the Virgin  Islands, US and British. Declared a National Park in 1964, it encompasses the highest point of a ridge running east/west along the spine of Tortola. Most of the Park is above 1,000 feet, and at this elevation precipitation and cloud cover increase sufficiently to support some species typical of a tropical rainforest. Seven trails crisscross the 92-acre surrounding park, and several rare and endangered plant species grow within it.  A small area of about 29 and half acres retains much of the character of the original forests that were found at this elevation and in ghuts in Tortola.

You will be pleasantly entertained by the sounds of the birds chirping.  Many of the trees are very old and the roots of some of them grow across the pathway. There are some plants with huge leaves with a name that speaks for itself – elephant ears.  There are some beautiful yellow Haliconias – the flowers are flawless.

Sage Mountain is a special part of the BVI for both visitors and residents. Travelers from all over the world come here to appreciate what "Nature's Little Secrets" have to offer.  The Virgin Islands is a beautiful place, so go ahead and enjoy yourself!